• D-Dub connectors in traditional (9..50p), High Density (15…78p), Mixed Layout (F1W1…FM47W1 layout, with high-current, high-voltage, coaxial and pneumatic contacts), Filtered and waterproof designs; wired (solderable or crimpable) or adhesive (TH or SMD), with straight or right-angled legs; with punched or turned contacts; With a surface coating corresponding to G1..G3 industrial quality classification
  • D-Sub housings for the above connectors in plastic, metallized plastic or metal; with screw, spring, sliding or lever fastening; with straight or lateral cable outlet (also for extremely large cable diameters);
  • also for waterless applications
  • all parts and accessories of the above connectors and housings (contacts, screws, mounting tabs, anti-breakage, etc.)
    tools required for the installation of the connectors (crimping tools, contact insertion and extraction toolsszerszámok (crimpszerszámok, érintkező be- és kinyomó szerszámok